For Dynamics 365

To upgrade Maplytics solution from the Microsoft AppSource, visit AppSource page and follow the steps shown below.

Click on the FREE TRIAL button. When a new user clicks on the free trial button the latest Maplytics solution will get installed in their instance. However, for an existing user, clicking on the ‘free trial’ button will upgrade Maplytics solution in the instance to the latest version.

Thereafter, the user needs to enter the CRM credentials to Login.

Then, the user needs to accept the terms & conditions and click on Continue.

On the power platform admin center page that comes on the screen, select the environment, accept the terms and click on install.

When installed, this window comes up on the screen.

Then, go to and then log in using CRM credentials. Select the environment and then go to Maplytics App > Settings > License Registration > Configure. Click on Configure to re-configure the Maplytics settings with updated solution as shown below:

On clicking configure, Maplytics configuration window will appear. Click on proceed and then a dialog box will come-up for configuring as shown in the screenshot. Click OK.

Note: After performing the upgrade, please re-login into Dynamics CRM instance or clear browser cache memory to avoid script loading error.

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