Adding Detail map on form

To add a Detail map to show the data of Area of Service, follow the steps mentioned below: Open the Entity form and go to the ‘Insert’ tab. Add two columns.

After adding Area of Service tab in the entity form as mentioned above, follow the steps mentioned below to add the Detail map on the entity form.

To add a detail map, Click on ‘Web Resource’ button. In the Add Web Resource dialog, select “ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html” web resource, add “form” as custom parameter (data) and check the ‘Pass record object-type’ checkbox as shown in the screenshot. The preferred number of rows in formatting is 15.

Click OK, then Save and publish the form to see the Map on the Entity form.

Enter the required values into Area of Service, save it and click on the refresh button on the Detail map to view the data plotted.

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