Overlay by File

User can select a excel/shape file saved in CRM to plot the same on the map. Further users can select the following options as well.

Category Attributes: An attribute can be selected to categorize the regions plotted by file.

Summary Attributes: One or more attributes can be selected to show the same in the Summary card. The attributes selected within the ‘Configuration’ of the saved file in the Territory Entity will be selected by default. User can deselect them and can select other attributes.

Users can also uncheck the option of ‘Plot All Regions’ if they do not want to plot all regions from the file. In this case, they can right click at any location on the map to select the option of ‘Show region’ from the Contextual Menu. This will help them to view the region for the respective selected location. User can again click on ‘Hide Region’ from the Contextual Menu to hide the region for the respective selected location. Further, user can also open the respective territory within which the file is saved using the ‘Open record’ button on the Summary card.

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