Create a route dashboard

To plot route on a CRM dashboard follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. User needs to include the Maplytics Detail Map component on the Dashboard. To do this click on the ‘New’ button in the section of dashboard and select ‘Add Web Resource’. Select ‘ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html’ web resource.

Go to Sales > Dashboards > Click on “New” button

2.Choose any layout as shown below:

3.Provide the dashboard name and click on the web resource button to add the Detail map HTML web resource.

4.Add web resource :‘ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html’ web resource

5.Add a parameter in Custom Parameter (data) field as ||dashboard||true and click on ‘OK’

6.After saving the dashboard and user can see the route plotted on the dashboard.

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