Directions Card

Directions card provides the user with all the routing features. The user can open the Directions Card directly by clicking on Directions tab.

The Directions Card also opens up when the user adds a waypoint(s) to the route either through the Contextual Menu, ToolTip Card or using the ‘Add to Route’ mass action. User can select the required waypoints and the leaving/arriving time.

The user can add a maximum of 25 waypoints in the direction functions.

Once the waypoints are selected, the user can choose the mode of transports like Driving, Walking, Transit or Truck to view the route.

The user can select different options to reduce the time, toll, highways, etc. by clicking on the Options button. Some of these can be auto-selected using Maplytics Configuration Settings.

The user can drag and drop the waypoints to change the order of route.

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