Defining Geographies for Sales Territory with Maplytics

The users can create sales territories using the native Dynamics CRM ‘Sales Territories’ feature and define geographies for the sales territories on a map using Maplytics.

To create geographies for sales territory, go to Settings > Territories and click on ‘New’ to create a sales territory. With Maplytics a ‘Geographies’ Entity is added on the territory. User can use this feature to visualize and create geographies for the sales territory. To create a new geography, click on ‘Add New Geography’.

In the section ‘General’, provide a name for the Geography.

Within the section ‘Map preview’, the user has the option to visualize the geography on a map ‘By Region’ or “By Drawing’. The ‘By Region’ option lets the user plot the geography based on region types and the user has the freedom to choose the color for the plotted region.

The ‘By Drawing’ option lets the user to plot the geography by drawing a shape on the map and the user can further edit the shape based on their needs.

User can define multiple geographies for a single territory.

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