View Related Check-In/Check-Out Records

User can use the feature of ‘Plot Related Records’ to view the related records (Appointments, Accounts, etc.) for Check-In/Check-Out records that are plotted records on the map. using. This will help the managers to understand for which record has the sales person/service person checked-in/out. To plot related records for Check-In/Check-Out, user needs to select the relationship. To select the relationships, admins can follow the steps mentioned below. We have provided the steps for Appointments for an instance.

Go to Maplytics App > Settings > Entity Maps > Required Entity Maps record > Configuration > Related Records Configuration > Relationship List > Select appointment - ikl_checkinentity

User can also refer to the section of ‘Related Record Configuration’ under the Entity Maps within the Installation manual for the same.

User needs to select the respective Relationship with Check-in for every entity within their respective entity maps for which they want to see the related Check-In/Check-Out records.

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