Saved Template Visualization on CRM Entity Form

Users can include the Maplytics Detail Map component that loads a saved template associated with the Entity record on the Entity Form. For this, the user needs to create a ‘Template’ lookup field on the Entity form where user can select the required Maplytics Template. The user also needs to select the name of that field in the ‘Template’ field under ‘Define Attributes’ section on the Entity Map for that particular entity.

On the Entity form, the user needs to ‘Insert’ a new Tab and select ‘Add Web Resource’. Select ‘ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html’ web resource. The user now needs to add a Custom Parameter for the saved templates.

  • Custom Parameter (data): Provide the Custom Parameter(data) as savetemplate

Now, when the user selects a Maplytics Saved Template on the ‘Template’ lookup field on the Entity form, the selected template will be plotted on the Detail Map component added on the Entity form.

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