1. How do I activate Maplytics trial?

Please refer the below-mentioned link for Maplytics trial activation:

2. How do I upgrade Maplytics solution?

Please refer the below-mentioned link to update Maplytics solution. We ensure that all our updates have backward compatibility with regards to previous Maplytics solution.

3. How do I uninstall Maplytics solution?

We feel sad that you have to uninstall the solution. It’s pretty simple. Go to Setting > Solution > Select Maplytics > Delete. Maplytics is a managed solution, so it won’t affect any other entity or attribute of CRM.

4. I am unable to see Detail Map and Heat Map buttons in the ribbon bar. What is the reason behind this?

There are a couple of reasons behind this:

• You forgot to configure Maplytics settings. Go to Maplytics app >Settings > Solution > Open Maplytics solution > Click on ‘Configure’ button. This will create Entity Map and Dashboard Records for Maplytics.

• Logged in User is not added to Team Maplytics. Go to Setting > Security > Teams > Maplytics and add the required user to Team.

5. How to resolve ‘You do not have the privilege to use Maplytics’ issue?

There can be two possible reasons behind this:

• The user is not added in Team Maplytics: Go to Settings >Advanced Settings > Settings > Security > Teams > Maplytics and check whether the logged in user is added to Team Maplytics. If not, please add the user.

• The user does not have Maplytics Security Roles. Go to Setting > Security > User > Select the required User > Assign either ‘Maplytics User’ or ‘Maplytics Admin’ security role.

6. I am having issues while using Maplytics and ClickDimensions in Dynamics CRM

Please refer the below link to resolve this issue.

If you have queries or need assistance with this issue, feel free to reach out to us on

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