Get Time zone

To get the time zone of a region, when we pass address or latitude/longitude then it will return the time zone.

To execute time zone action using the C#, use following code.

string requestName = "ikl_InogicMaplyticsAPIGetTimeZone";

                //create request object
OrganizationRequest orgReq = new OrganizationRequest(requestName);

orgReq["TimezoneLocation"] = "new york";

                //execute the request
OrganizationResponse response = service.Execute(orgReq);

string TimeZone = "TimeZone: " + (string)response.Results["TimeZone"];

string TimeZoneAbbreviation = "TimeZoneAbbreviation: " + (string)response.Results["TimeZoneAbbreviation"];

To execute the action using the javascript (web api) you can use following code.

var actionObj = {
            TimezoneLocation: "New york",           

        // call this function to execute the action 
        execute(actionObj, "ikl_InogicMaplyticsAPIGetTimeZone()", function (data) {

            alert("Success: " + data);

        }, function (error) {
            alert("Error: " + error.message);

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