Maplytics API

Maplytics API allows users to retrieve geographical data from Maplytics maps to use it outside of CRM. If a user needs to show CRM data based on a Proximity search or from a specific region etc. on a portal or website, they can use Maplytics API to do the same. Maplytics API will be used to make API request to give the response as per user input like proximity, region etc. For example, if a user has a website that provides training for driving and they want to allow the visitors to find trainers nearby their location. If the trainers are stored in Dynamics CRM, then Maplytics API can be used to show the results of Maplytics Proximity search i.e., the trainers around a specified location on the website while a visitor searches for it.

Maplytics API will be provided with a transaction limit. The transaction count will be provided as per the user’s requirement. The API transaction usage will be counted into three ways. Please contact Inogic at if interested into using Maplytics API.

  • Daily

  • Monthly

  • Yearly

The transaction limit will be provided based on the required usage among the three mentioned above. Let’s say, based on user’s requirement, if they have been provided with daily transaction limit of 100 then the user will be allowed to make 100 API requests per day. If the user exceeds the limit for a day, then a message will be shown that will inform the user that they are not allowed to make any more API requests for today. Then the user will be able to make API requests the next day. It will work the similar way for the Monthly and Yearly usages.

Note: To execute API request you should have active Maplytics license.

List of APIs:

  1. Proximity Search

  2. Region Search

  3. Territory Search

  4. Template Search

  5. Direction instruction

  6. Get Timezone

API accepts following parameters. Based on the value passed in the parameter of the respective operation it will get the response. Also, Parameters are optional.

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