Visualizing Assigned lands to the record

Users can select the entity in Datasource and the respective view in the ‘Plot Records’ card in Detail map to plot the record on the map as pushpins. While visualizing records on the Detail map, users can right click on any pushpin to open the Contextual menu and use the ‘Show Land Area’ button to plot the land that is assigned to the respective record.

If the user wants to see all the lands that have been assigned to all the records that are plotted on the map, they can use the ‘Show Land Area’ toggle button on the Layer Menu to show/hide the same.

User can also click on any area plotted on the map to open the Summary card to view the metadata (information from the shape file) of the region.

can also select records from the home grid and click on ‘Land Area Mapping’ button from the ribbon to view all the lands assigned to the records. They can further assign more lands to the required records as mentioned in the section of ‘Assign lands to multiple record’ above.

The below screenshot shows the lands assigned to the records selected from the Entity home grid.

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