Contextual Menu

User can right-click on the map to open the Contextual menu. It provides commonly used features in Dynamics CRM like creating a new record, set origin/destination or selecting map zoom level on the map, etc

The contextual menu provides the following options:

Create New Record: User can right-click anywhere on the map or POI result icons and create a record for that particular location. This will save the record with the details of the address and the geo-coordinates (Latitude & Longitude).

Create new record option will not available for existing record pushpin.


  • Set As Origin: This option will set the address of the pushpin/map location as the start location of the route.

  • Set As Destination: This option will set the address of the pushpin/map location as the end location of the route.

Add to Route: This option will set the address of the pushpin/map location as a middle waypoint(s) of the selected route. For example, the user has selected Point A & B as orgin & destination respectively for a route and now clicks on the ‘Add To Route’ option, the Point B will remain as the destination and will become the Point C. The address of the selected pushpin will become the Point B of the route.

Set as Current location: User can click on any pushpin or anywhere on the map to set the address of the pushpin or the location as the current location respectively, which can be used for Proximity search.

Set As POI Location: This option helps the user to set the location for the Point of Interest (POI) searches like ATMs, restaurants, Airports, etc. Setting the POI location, user can search for various Geo-tagged & Bing mapped locations around it.

Save Settings: User can save the default settings for the following options. These settings will be saved in the Configuration details record of the user -

  • Current location: This will save the location as the default current location.

  • Map zoom level: This sets the zoom level and map center for the Map. After this setting is done, whenever the user will open the Detail Map, it will be zoomed down to the location set here.

  • Origin: This sets the location as the default origin.

  • Destination: This sets the location as the default destination.

Street View: User can right click on map to get a Street view option. This will open a 3D view of the Map

Show Territory: User can right click anywhere on the map or at any record to select the option ‘Show Territory’ from the Contextual menu. This will plot the respective territory to which the selected location or the record belongs to. Further, user can click on ‘Hide territory’ from Contextual Menu to hide the plotted territory.

User can also click on any pushpin to get a contextual menu. Along with the options mentioned above, this will provide the following options:

Open record: User can open the record form right from the map and can further edit the details for the record.

Actions: User can perform the following actions on the pushpin selected:

  • Add Task: This option helps the user to create a new task in Dynamics CRM regarding the selected record.

  • Schedule Appointment: The user can use this option to create a new appointment for the selected record.

  • Manage Territory: The user can assign/re-assign a territory to the selected record from the map and hence can manage the territory.

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