This option helps the user to select from among the live feature layers hosted by ArcGIS Online. The file need not be in a territory and can be used even when updated in real-time.

A seamless integration can be experienced with the online files. Users can choose this option to select any live feature layer hosted by ArcGIS Online to plot the same on the map. Users can also select an attribute within ‘Category Attribute’ to categorize the regions plotted on the map. Also, they can select one or more attributes within ‘Summary Attribute’ to show on the Summary card when clicked on any region plotted on the map.

Note: If user has plotted any territory using the feature of ‘ArcGIC’ within the ‘Plot records’ card and moves to ‘Territory Management’ card so the option of ‘By ArcGIS’ will retain the selection of the same while working with Territory Management.

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