Map Edit Control for Record

User can add this control on any of the field with the Data type ‘Single Line of Text’ of the record to view the respective record plotted on the map. User can hover on the pushpin to see the coordinates as well as the address of the pushpin. User can further drag the pushpin around and drop it on the required location to update the new Address and the geo-coordinates for the record. As the user drags the pushpin, the address will get auto-populated in the address-field as well. User can also type in the address in the space provided and click on the update button to update the Address and the geo-coordinates for the record. Before updating this, the user will be shown a message where user can also choose if they want to save address and the geo coordinates or only the geo coordinates.

Steps to Add control: To add the control to a field within a record form, user can follow the steps mentioned in Map view control for record while selecting ‘Map Edit Control for Record’ in the Step2. After adding the control user can open any record of the entity to view this control added on the field.

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