Once you have completed the installation, activation and configuration, the last step you need to do in order to get Maplytics started is the geocoding. In order to plot the records, it's necessary that the records are geocoded i.e. the records have the values for geocoordinates (Latitude and Longitude).

You can geocode the records with either Batch Processing Tool or the Geocoding Workflow:

Batch processing tool:

You can get the Batch Processing Tool within the Maplytics Solution's zip folder downloaded from the website. Extract the zip folder to get the Batch processing tool. Please refer to the batch processing section to know how to use the Batch processing tool.

Geocoding workflow:

You can also select the required records and run the Geocoding workflow. By default, the geocoding workflow will be available for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. For custom entities, you need to create a geocoding workflow. Please refer to the configure geocoding workflows section to know how to create a workflow and run a workflow on selected records.

Once you have completed all of the steps mentioned above, you are ready to use Maplytics. You can go to any entity and use the two buttons: Detail map and Heat map, to start visualizing data on maps.

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