Advanced Settings

Search Option

Here, the Maplytics Admin can configure the ‘Search Option’ for the whole organization. Admin can enable/disable the search options from here.

Note: “By Location” option is selected as the default option. The user has the option to choose among other four: By Region, By Drawing, By Territory and By Template. It is recommended to keep all the options enabled.

User can set their own preferences in their Configuration Detail record as mentioned below:

Configure options

System admin and Maplytics admin can enable the following options to let the functionalities work the required way.

Enable Travel Distance: While searching of records within a specified Proximity from a location, enabling this option will make the option of ‘Show Travel distance’ visible on the Plot record card.

Enable Truck Route: Enable option to start using Truck routing as mentioned in the user manual.

Map in a New window: Enable this option to open the map in a new window instead of opening on the same page while clicking on any Maplytics map button.

Show All Territories: Enable this option to enable the users to view all the territories available in the CRM. By default, this option will be deselected which means the users will be able to view only those territories for which they are the Territory Manager or the member.

Enable Territory Assignment Rule: If there is a need for assigning territories or owner to the CRM records based on specific conditions, this option can be enabled to start creating rules and assigning territories or owners based on the rules.

Enable Multiple territories: If users use multiple territories created for the same location, this option can be enabled to create/view multiple territories. Once this option is enabled, it cannot be disabled again.

Define images for pushpins

System administrator can upload desired images for the pushpins to represent the respective records. This will help the user to visualize the entity records with the desired pushpins on the map.

Please go to Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Select default Maplytics Configuration record > Define Images for pushpins

User can browse the file(s) for the icons that are needed to be uploaded and click on ‘Save’.


  • Supported file formats: .svg, .png, .jpg, .jpeg.

  • Files must be less than 20*30 pixels.

After saving the desired pushpins, user can set these images for any of the entity views or categories to represent the respective records. To set the images for the records, follow the steps mentioned below:

• Set pushpins for categories:

Go to Settings > Entity maps > Required Entity map > Category Configuration > Required Category > Select desired pushpins for different ranges of the category

• Set pushpins for views of entities:

Go to Settings > Entity maps > Required Entity map > Configuration > View configuration > Select pushpins for views of the Entity

Proxy URL: If the user uses Proxy servers for accessing the Internet on the CRM server, please provide the Proxy URL so that the application can perform calls to the Bing Maps site.

In case of the proxy setting, the plugins need to be registered out of the sandbox and by default the solutions provided by us register the plugins in Sandbox isolation mode. You can find these steps towards the end of this manual.

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