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Route to a record

Users can add the ‘Route to a Record’ tab to any entity to view the route plotted to a record’s location from their current location automatically. If user needs to meet any client, they can open the client’s record, go to this tab and view the route to reach the client’s location directly. Further, they can click on the Navigation button
to navigate themselves with the turn-by-turn directions. They can also use the map to perform other Maplytics actions like Along the route, plotting more records etc.
User's location will be represented by ‘A’ in map, while the record’s location will be denoted by ‘B’.
Steps to add ‘Route to a Record’ tab to an entity form:
Go to Settings > Advance Settings > Customize the system > Entities > Account > Main Form > Add a tab. Here we have taken Accounts form for an instance.
Now select the tab and click on Insert > Add Web Resource (ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html)
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