Point of Interest (POI) Locations

User can search for any geo-tagged Bing-mapped locations called points of interest (POI) like ATMs, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc. near a specified location. This can also be plotted alongside the CRM data. User either can right-click on map to set the location as the POI location or can directly enter the required location in the POI card.

User can either click on any of the POI icons or manually search for required POI location by entering the respective keyword in the search bar.

Based on the selected POI location icon or the entered keyword, the results will be loaded.

  • The option to enter a keyword to search POI locations is only available while searching in USA.

  • For each POI location search, only 25 locations will be plotted on the map.

Apart from plotting POI data, user can also add the plotted businesses in Dynamics CRM record as leads, accounts, contacts, or any custom entity by using the Create New Record option in the POI card or Contextual menu. (Refer to Contextual menu section).

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