Multi-language Map

This helps to load Bing maps in the language that is set in the User Interface Language. This is enabled as the user configures Maplytics.


  • If user selects a language other than those supported in Maplytics, the map will load in default English language

  • To setup Multi-language map, user needs to click on configure at least once after importing Maplytics solution

Upon successful completion, it will open a tab with Team Maplytics created. The user needs to add required Member to the Team as shown below;

Note: We’re auto assigning ‘Maplytics User’ role to Team ‘Maplytics’

To customize Maplytics, please make sure to assign ‘Maplytics Admin’ security role to the required member. Please find the below-mentioned description of Maplytics’ s security roles:

  • Maplytics Admin: Assign this security role to Administrator/s of Maplytics where they can have access to all custom entities specific to Maplytics like entity map, etc. Admin role should be assigned to an individual who would be involved in configuring and creating Entity Maps and Dashboards for Maplytics.

  • Maplytics Users: Assign this security role to all other users who would be only using Maplytics.

  • Maplytics Territory manager: Assign this security role to all the users who would be using Territory management.

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