Auto Territory Creation

User can create territories automatically based on a shape/excel file and count of records plotted on the map to get the desired number of balanced territories. To do this, user can go to Territory Management and use the option of ‘By File’ to upload a Shape file or an Excel file to get it plotted on the map. User can also choose the option of ‘By Overlay’ to plot a saved shape/excel file on the map.

User can go to the ‘Plot Records Card’ and select the required ‘DataSource’ and the respective ‘View’ to plot the same on the map. These records will be distributed among the territories that are to be created.

Using the options of ‘Select’ or ‘Multi-select’ from the ‘Alignment Tool’ user can choose the required regions and right click to select the option of ‘Create Territory’ to open the window. Here, user can select the option to ‘Create Multiple Territories’ and enter the number of territories they want to create out of the selected regions on the map. In the screenshot below, we have entered 3 for an instance.

Note: Only those records which lie within the regions selected will be considered while creating multiple balanced territories.

This will calculate the number of records and divide the selected regions automatically to get 3 balanced territories. By default, territories will be named as Territory_0, Territory_1, Territory_2 etc. User can change the names as per their requirement.

The count of records in the territories created automatically might vary slightly

User can also set the required user as a manager for the territories processed, by clicking on the ‘Select manager’ icon.

Users who have already been assigned as a manager for another territory will not be visible in the list of users to be selected as a manager of the territory.

User can also set the colors for the territories using the option of ‘Fill color’.

User can further choose to take an action on the territories processed on the map by using ‘Actions’. There are three Actions available

  • Create: If the user is satisfied with the territories processed, then they can choose this option to create the territories processed on the map within the CRM.

  • Save: If user needs to work on the territories processed to further make any changes or take an opinion on the same from a colleague, they can use this option to save the territories processed as Draft Territories within the CRM.

  • Realign: User can further rework on the territories processed using this option. This will allow the user to revise the number of territories processed.

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