Pending Check-In/Check-Out Requests

System Admins and Maplytics Admin can enable this option to allow the users to create the requests for Check-in/Check-out for meetings in the past. For example, if a user had an offsite meeting or missed to check-in/out for any meeting, they will be able to create requests for check-in/out for such meetings if this option is enabled.

To enable it, go to Map Configuration Details > Default Configuration Detail Record > Check-In> Create pending Check-In/Check-Out Requests > Select the checkbox

Note: Any user who would be inside the defined Default Radius/Geofence radius of a record will not be able to create pending check-in or check-out for the respective record.

Once this option is enabled, the admins can also see the ‘Reasons for Requests’ which shows the list of acceptable reasons that are predefined. The users can select anyone while creating pending Check-In/Out records. The admins can also configure custom Request Reasons by going to Check-in Entity within CRM Customizations.

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