Real-Time Tracking

With Real-Time Tracking, sales reps, service reps and resources can be tracked within all modules of CRM in real time. This will help to view the routes that are being followed by reps/resources as well as the routes that had been followed by them in the past. The appointments/bookable resource bookings that have been assigned to the resources can also be seen with the help of this feature. This feature also works in the Dynamics CRM app, Dynamics CRM sales app and Field Service app.


To enable this feature, go to Maplytics App > Settings > Map Configuration Details > Default Configuration details record (the one with no user) > Real-Time Tracking > Enable Real-Time Tracking > select the checkbox.

  • Refresh Interval: Admins can select the ‘Refresh Interval’ to decide the interval (in seconds) at which the location of the Resources/Sales reps will be tracked. For example, every 30 seconds.

  • Day and Time: Working days and the start & end timings can be selected from the list. Based on this selection the reps/resources will be tracked. If admins do not want the reps/resources to be tracked on any particular day, they can leave the timings blank to avoid tracking on those days. Admins can also go to the Maplytics Configuration Detail record of individual reps to set different required timings for tracking.

User Settings for CRM Modules other than Field service

Real-time tracking can be used to track the reps/resources that have been added to the Maplytics team as users. The admin needs to go to the user’s record > Maplytics Location Tracking > Enable the tracking for the individual users and can view the other details.

Enable Location Tracking: Select “Yes” to track the respective user.

Last Tracked At: This will show the date and time when the respective user was last tracked at.

Latitude & Longitude: These will be the coordinates at which the user was last tracked.

Tracking Status: This will show the current status of tracking for the user. Based on three situations the status will be as follows:

  • Tracking - The user has enabled tracking in the Maplytics app and the tracking is on

  • Tracking Stopped - Outside business hours – Tracking has stopped as current time is outside business hours.

  • Tracking Stopped - Tracking Disabled/ GPS Issue/ Location Service Issue – Tracking has stopped due to one of the three reasons:

o The user has disabled tracking in the Maplytics app

o GPS information is not available

o There is issue with the location service.

Maplytics Real-Time Tracking App for Sales and Other Modules

The Reps can download & install the Maplytics App and log in to their CRM credentials. The app is available on Playstore and Appstore for Android or iOS devices.

When the reps log in to the Maplytics App they can view their current location on map in the form of a pushpin. The pushpin will move on the map whenever the rep makes any movement. The rep can select the toggle button to start the tracking. Once they have finished their work they can use the toggle button to stop the tracking and log out from the app.


  • Users should be added to the Maplytics team in order to be tracked.

  • For field service, admin also need to enable ‘Location tracking’ within the Geolocation Settings of Dynamics 365 field service and select the timings, for example, every 1 minute to track the location of the Resources at every specified interval.

  • The users should be logged in to the Field Service app for tracking in Field Service CRM.

  • The users should be logged in to Maplytics app and the tracking option should be enabled for tracking in CRM with other Modules like Sales, Customer Service etc.

Once the Real-Time Tracking has been enabled, users can go to the Detail map > Select Data source > select the Resource/User as the entity and the required view > click on Search. Once the users/resources are plotted as pushpins on map, the resource location that is being tracked at every interval will be updated on the map. Users can click on the pushpins of the users/resources to open the tooltip card for that user/resource. Users can view the tracking information for only those Resources/Users that have been added to the Maplytics team and have Location tracking enabled in the User Settings. Users can click on the Users/Resources to view the tooltip card to find the two buttons for Real-time tracking, i.e., ‘Today’s plan’ and ‘Location History’.

Note: To view the Users as an entity in the option for ‘Select Datasource’, an entity map for the entity ‘Users’ should be created.

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