Add a template in dashboard

Users can add a template to a Dashboard to visualize resultant data of pre-set search criteria on the dashboard in one glance.

To do this, user can select the required criteria on the map and save it as a template using ‘Save Template’ button. Please refer to the Template section in this manual to know more about saving templates. After saving the template, user can add the template to the dashboard.

Steps to add template to dashboard

User can create a new Dashboard as explained in above topics and add the web resourceikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html. They also need to provide the custom parameter (data) having template name. For example, the template with the name “Clients around supplier” should be entered as – Clients around supplier||template. Click Ok then Save.

Once the web resource is added, user can refresh and open the dashboard to view the saved template. Moreover, if a user wants they can add multiple templates to a CRM dashboard to view multiple data in a single dashboard.

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