By Template

This helps the user to plot the predefined search criteria in Detail Map. The user can save the search criteria as a template and use the ‘By Template’ search option to quickly plot the data with that search criteria. This helps the user to save a considerable amount of time.

For example, if any user is assigned with a task where the requirement is to regularly plot ‘My Active Accounts’ records in 2 miles of a particular location and filter a particular Industry, then the By Template option can be beneficial.

The User can use the button ‘Save template’ to save the search criteria as a template and define the access level of the Template while saving the template as described below:

  • Personal – The users can limit the usage of this template to themselves

  • Public – Anyone in the organization can use this template

Apart from saving the information of Plot Records, Category card, and filters from Grid, it also saves the Zoom level & Center of the map.

Note: Please assign ‘Maplytics User’ security role to Team Maplytics before exploring this functionality.

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