Category configuration for admins

System Admin and Maplytics admin can also check the colors and pushpin selection in the entity map. Along with this, they will also have the ability to set the required colors and pushpins for all the Maplytics users as well. To do this, admins can go to the Maplytics App > Settings > Entity Map > Respective Entity map > Category Configuration > Select required category.

Admins will be able to view two Option lists, one for themselves as a user and one for Default selection. The User Option list will work the same as explained above. The admin can further take some actions within the Default Option List using the following buttons.

  • Selecting pushpins and saving the selection for categorized CRM data is only available for entities plotted with single category.

  • The selection of pushpins saved will be available for the respective logged in user only.

  • If a category does not exist in the list of categories created in the respective entity map, then while saving the pushpin selection, the category will be created automatically for all the users.

  • If a user has not selected any preference for pushpin colors and shapes for any category, the user will be shown the visualization of the pushpins on the map as per the selection saved by the Maplytics admin or the system admin in within the Default Option list of the category in the respective entity map

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