Visualize Pending Check-in/out requests

Managers can select the required view for the Check-in/out requests and plot the same on the map in order to visualize the pushpins.

Approve/Reject pending Check-In/Check-Out records

Once the manager has plotted the pending check-in/out request records on the map as shown above, they can check the request records created by field team and approve or reject the records in order to accept it as an active check-in/out record or reject it.

If manager needs to approve/reject the requests from a particular salesperson, they can also select ‘Owner’ within the ‘Category’ in the ‘Plot Records’ card to categorize the request records with Owners. Manager can further go to the category card to deselect the other owners so as to visualize only the records created by salesperson who reports to them.

Now, manager can click on a pushpin from the map and to the see the Approve/Reject button. Admins can also go to Maplytics App > Settings > Entity map > Check-in entity map > Tooltip Mappings > Add Request reason. This will show the Reason for request on the tooltip card while a manager clicks on a pending check-in/out. After checking the reason, manager can decide and click on the button to open the window and select Approve or Reject and click on save.

Manager can also use the option of Approve/Reject from the Mass Actions to approve or reject all the pending check-in/out request records plotted on the map.

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