Distance Unit: User can select the default option for distance measuring. Options are Miles and Kilometers.

Region Area Unit: Default unit for area of the regions plotted using shape/excel file can be selected from the options Acre, Hectare, Square feet, Square Kilometer, Square Meter, Square Mile, Square Yard.

Map mode: User can select the default Map mode as Road mode or Aerial mode

Plot Data: This helps the user to define the default plotting of data. The user can choose from the following options;

  • Cluster: This will group nearby data

  • Non-Cluster: This will plot CRM data as individual pushpins

Optimize Direction: This option will help the user to create an optimized route by default.

Along the Route Distance: The user can select the default value for Along the Route search. The user can add any value up to 25.

Live Traffic: The user can opt to see live traffic status as default when the route is created.

Current Location: The user can define the default location using this option.

Route Option: The user can define the best way to determine a route, i.e., shortest time or shortest distance.

Navigate in: The user can select either of the applications Google or Waze, to navigate the plotted route.

Map Center: This is set from the Detail Map screen using the ‘Set Zoom Level and Map Center’ option from the contextual menu. Zoom Level and Map Center will define the default location to zoom when the Detail Map is opened.

Records Per Page In Grid: The user can select the number of records to be visible in Maplytics ‘View Data’ grid.

Heat Map Type: This allows the user to select the default option for Heat Map. Options are ‘Boundary’ and ‘No Boundary'.

Zoom Level: This is set from the Detail Map screen using the ‘Set Zoom Level and Map Center’ option from the contextual menu, i.e., right click on the map to access the contextual menu.

Show Area: User can choose if the area needs to be shown on click of an enclosed region or shape.

Summary Grouping: User can also select the Default option for the region type for Heat Map.

User: Name of the user to whom this record belongs to. This is a ‘Read-Only’ field.

Default template: This option will allow user to open Detail map with predefined search criteria in ‘Plot card’. User can select a default template into Maplytics configuration details as shown below. Please refer to ‘Default template’ section in user manual to know how Default template works.

Maplytics Security Template: System admin and Maplytics admin can provide selective access of Maplytics actions to the Maplytics users. They can select the relevant Mass actions & other actions and provide access of the same to the respective Maplytics Users/Teams on the map. Refer to Maplytics Security Template section in User Manual.

Set as Origin: User can set default origin for Route management.

Set as Destination: User can set default destination for Route management.

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