Creating Pending Check-In/Check-Out requests

If users want to check-in or check-out for a record for which the meeting/service has been done in the past but they missed to check-in/out at that time, because of an off-site meeting or let’s say if they forgot to check-in/out, so they can create check-in/out requests for those records later sometime. They can select the reason why they missed and select the date & time of the meeting for which they missed to check-in/out and click on ‘Create’. The requests will be pending for approval from managers. Unless the records have been approved by the manager, the records will not become active check-in/out records and will remain as pending check-in/our requests.

If the user wants to enter a reason which is not listed then the user can select the ‘Other’ option and enter their reason in the provided text box and click on Create. These check-in/out requests will be converted to an active check-in/out record only when the respective manager approves the reason for missing the check-in/out and hence approves it to be a valid check-in/out records.

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