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There are four options available to analyze data on Heat Map. Default Heat map display can be selected using Maplytics Configuration Settings.


This will create Heat Map on basis of selected region type like City, Postal Code, Country, State, Territory, etc.

No Boundary

This option does not consider the region type. It simply creates a Heat Map by the density of the measure selected without geographical boundaries.

Pie chart

Users can view the data in the form of Pie charts based on the heat of the attribute selected in the Measure and Filter. Pie charts help the users to analyze the data on the basis of comparative data shown by the Pie charts on the map.

Column chart

Users can view the data in the form of column charts plotted on the basis of the heat of the attribute selected in the Measure and Filter. User can easily analyze the plotted data on the basis of the proportions shown by the respective columns.

  • Hover: On hover, it shows the details of that Boundary/Pie chart/Column chart.

  • Summary Card: The user can click on any Boundary/Pie chart/Column chart to get the summarized information of the same.

If Pie chart/Column chart is selected as the Display type, the option of Territory under Region Type will not be available.

  • Search: Clicking on the ‘Search’ button will plot the addresses of all the records that were selected in the view and has already been geocoded. Records that do not have their latitude/longitude updated in the record will be ignored and will not be plotted on the map.

  • Summary card: Every time the users create a heat map visualization, a ‘Summary Card’ summarizing the aggregate information for the complete heat map will open up. This gives the users a brief summary of the heat map they created. The measure is also summarized by default.

The user can also click on any region plotted on the map to open the summary card for that region. This will also filter the data of the region in the data grid. To differentiate between the summary cards, the individual summary cards have the region name/number as the title.

If the user has selected a field attribute in the ‘Filter’ dropdown, the summary card will further summarize the information for the selected category filter as well.

  • Export to Excel: The search results are listed by the grouping selected at the bottom of the screen and user can further export these data points using this button as shown below:

This functionality adhere to CRM security roles, if the user does not have permission to ‘Export Data to Excel’ in CRM, then he/she will not be able to export data from Maplytics. Zoom Level of Heat Map uses personalized ‘Zoom Level’ setting for the logged in user. Also, the color scale for the Measure will be fetched from the defined ‘Heat Map Measure Color Scale’ in the Entity Category configuration on the Entity Map for that particular entity.

  • Print: Clicking on the print button will print the heat map, as shown in the screenshot below:

A4 size paper with landscape mode is recommended while printing.

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