Import Maplytics solution

  • Click on solutions at the left navigation pane > Import > Maplytics. This will create the Maplytics App.

  • To access the Maplytics App, click on Apps at the left navigation pane > Select Maplytics App.

  • Clicking on the Maplytics app, following Maplytics dashboard will open.

Activate and configure Maplytics To access the Maplytics user needs to Activate and Configure Maplytics to start the license and configure the basic Entity maps, Dashboards and Census data.

  • Go to Settings > License registration > Click on Activate

  • Go to Settings > License registration > Click on Configure

Add users to Maplytics team

  • Go to Settings > Teams > Maplytics team > Add users

Note: 1. Entities of leads, Cases, Opportunity, Invoices are not available in PowerApps 2. Marketing lists are not available 3. While configuring, four Entity maps will get created for Accounts, Contacts, Appointments and Customer Address 4. Only three dashboards will get shipped on configuration

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