Maplytics Security Template

System admin and Maplytics admin can provide selective access of Maplytics actions to the Maplytics users. They can select the relevant Mass actions & other actions and provide access of the same to the respective Maplytics users on the map.

Go to the Settings > Maplytics > Maplytics Security Templates > New

To assign a template to the Maplytics users, Admins can add the Maplytics Configuration Detail records of the Maplytics users under the section of ‘Maplytics Configuration Details’, to whom the template has to be assigned.

Go to General and provide a name for the template. Under the section of Maplytics Configuration Details, add the Maplytics Configuration Detail records of the Maplytics users to whom the created template has to be assigned.

They can also add teams/users and also remove the required users/teams using the button ‘Manage users’ from the Ribbon bar.

Admins can choose whether they want to assign the template to Users or Teams by adding them. They can also choose to remove the users/teams from the list. They can also see the list of teams and respective users added from those teams.

A Maplytics Security template can be assigned to the users belonging to any team, however, they should also exist into the Maplytics team.

Go to Action Configuration > Select the required actions to be made available to the users assigned with this template and save.

Along with using the ‘Remove’ button, to unassign any template to a user, admins can also Go to Maplytics App > Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Select the record of the required user> Remove the lookup value for the field of ‘Maplytics Security Templates’

  • All the actions will be visible to a user if no template is assigned to the user.

  • Only System Admin and Maplytics Admin will be able to access the Maplytics Security Template Entity.

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