Tooltip Mapping

To configure the tooltip, Maplytics provides the Tooltip mapping UI. This is visible whenever the user clicks on a particular pushpin on the Detail Map. Maplytics populates all the public views of an entity that you specified in the Entity Name. The user can select a view from ‘Select View’ drop-down. Selected view data fields will be populated in the ‘Available Fields’ box, and the user can select those columns which one likes to see in the ‘Selected Fields’ box.

Before using ToolTip Mapping configuration, fill up all data till Attribute Mapping and click on Save button and refresh the page to see available options.

  1. Select the view for selecting the fields to be displayed for Tooltip. Example, select My Active Accounts view from ‘Select View’ drop-down:

2. Select the attribute to be added. After selecting any attribute, its display name is automatically displayed in the Label. Users can change that label as per their choice. Then click on the forward arrow(>>) button to add an attribute to the Selected Fields as shown in below screenshot:

To add more columns in “Available Fields” section of a particular view. Go to Setting > Customize the System > Select the required Entity and View > Add more columns and Publish all changes.

3. After configuring the attributes, click on the ‘Save’ button.

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