To get started with the feature of Check-In, the first step is to configure Maplytics. Configuration will create the Entity Map for the Check-In entity. Please refer to the section of ‘Configure’ under the ‘Initial Setup - Maplytics License Activation, Configuration for Entity Map, Dashboards and Census data’ within the Installation manual.

This feature can be enabled for any OOB or custom entity within their respective Entity Maps. To enable this, System Admin/Maplytics Admin can follow the steps mentioned below. The following screenshot shows the entity map of Appointment for an instance.

Go to Settings > Maplytics > Entity Maps > Open Required Entity Maps Record > General Tab > Enable Check-In > Set the value to ‘Yes’ & click on ‘Save’.

  • The default value for ‘Enable Check-In’ is set to ‘No’.

  • User cannot undo this option, once selected and saved.

  • After enabling this feature, please wait for a while before using this.

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