Territory Management
Territory management helps the user to create new territories manually as well as automatically and align the existing territories as well to get proper distribution of territories. User can plot required regions, draw shapes or directly upload shape files/excel files to get the required regions plotted on the map to create territories for the same. User can create territories multiple automatically based on count of records or use the territory Alignment tool to select the required regions and create new territories for the same. While creating multiple territories automatically, user can also save the territories as a draft and rework on the draft to get the territories created as per the requirement. Further, user can plot the existing territories and edit them to get proper distribution of territories.
To access Territory Management go to Detail map > More Options > Territory Management
Users other than System Admin, can use Territory management only if they are given the role of Maplytics Territory Manager
User can use the search options to plot shape files, excel files, search by region, draw a shape or plot existing territories on the map. There are five search options:
    By File
    By Region
    By Drawing
    By Territory
    By Overlay
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