Advanced Preferences

Users can further click on ‘Advanced preferences’ within the Auto Scheduling card to select further preferences to be considered while creating an automated schedule.

Meetings Per Day: User can select the average meetings that should be scheduled for a day. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 meetings can be selected.

Continuous Schedule: Instead of starting the route from the origin every day, if the route should be started on the ending location of the previous day, user can set it as ‘Yes’. For example: A user starts the first day from Brookwood in Alabama, the USA to follow the route assigned and reaches Alexander city, Alabama which is the destination of the route for the day. Now, if the ‘Continuous Schedule’ is enabled, the user does not need to go all the way to Brookwood to start the route for the next day, instead, the user can directly go to the first appointment scheduled for the second day, from Alexander City itself.

Reschedule Existing Meetings: If the option of ‘Consider Existing Meetings’ has been selected within the Auto scheduling card, then the option of enabling ‘Reschedule Existing Meetings’ will be available. User can select ‘Yes’ in order to reschedule existing meetings. This might change the respective owners as well to get the highest optimization. If the existing meetings are needed to be met at the set appointment time, the user should select ‘No’.

If both Onsite and Offsite existing meetings have been considered, then, enabling reschedule existing meetings will make changes only to the Onsite meetings.

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