Geofencing is creating a virtual geographical boundary of a specified Geofence radius around a record. If Geofencing is enabled, user needs to be within this radius to successfully Check-In/Check-Out for a record. If the user is not within this radius, the user will not be able to Check-In/Check-Out and will be shown a message specifying that they need to be within ‘n’ Km/Mi of distance from the Check-In/Check-Out location. This will help the management to have only valid Check-In and Check-Out records done by the field professionals.

In order to enable Geofencing, System Admin/Maplytics Admin can follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Default Configuration Detail Record > Check-In tab > Geofencing > Set the value for Geofencing as ‘Yes’

Geofencing Radius

After enabling Geofencing, System Admin/Maplytics Admin can set the default value for Geofence radius, which will be considered while a user Checks-In, or Checks-Out.

  • By default, Geofencing is disabled in which case the user can Check-In/Check-out from any location.

  • By default, Geofence radius is 0.20 kilometers or miles depending on the unit set in User configuration Details record.

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