Individual Record Map
A tab to display an Individual Map section has been added by default on the Account, Contact and Lead records as a part of the Maplytics solution.
Here, two types of pushpins are plotted on the map:
    Orange color pushpin: This always indicates the record location on the map. This pushpin is movable on the map. If the user is not satisfied with the automatic geocoding information stored for the record, they can manually move the pushpin to the exact location of their choice. As the user moves the pushpin, the geocoding information (Latitude and Longitude) is updated in the bar at the top. Use the Update button to save the updated geocoding information. If the application is not able to geocode the address provided, the user can edit the address in the Address text box and click on Search button. This will help the user to geocode the address. Set the ‘No Auto Geocoding’ option to ‘Yes’ available on the left-hand side, if the user has manually set the geocoding information and do not want the automation to override the geocoding information.
    Related Record Pushpin: The related records are indicated by star pushpins. Related records correspond to all 1:N relationship between the plotted Entity and the user can set a default relationship that should always be plotted whenever this map is loaded. The user can further see related record information by clicking on it. The user can plot maximum of two relationships here. The user can use ‘Relations’ drop-down to select the available relationships for this Entity. Check the Entity Map settings (refer to Installation Manual) to set Default relationship and adding more relationships to ‘Relations’ dropdown.
Last modified 4mo ago
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