Individual Record Map

A tab to display an Individual Map section has been added by default on the Account, Contact and Lead records as a part of the Maplytics solution.

Here, two types of pushpins are plotted on the map:

Set the ‘No Auto Geocoding’ option to ‘Yes’ available on the left-hand side, if the user has manually set the geocoding information and does not want the automation to override the geocoding information. Right Clicking on the Map gives an option of Street View.

Selecting it would get the User a 3D View.

  • Address: If users wants to modify the geocoding for any record, they can click in the Address text box.

After that, they can click on ‘Update’ button to update the address and Latitude & Longitude values. It will ask the user whether they would like to update only the Latitude & Longitude values or the address as well. They can select the required option. Apart from this, users can also click on the orange pushpin, drag it around to the required location, and then click on update to update the address and/or Latitude Longitude values.

Note: Users can be restricted to update the address and Latitude & Longitude values by assigning them a security template where ‘Allow Push Pin Update’ is not selected. Please refer to the Maplytics Security template in this User manual to know more about the same.

  • Map My Current Location: Clicking on the ‘Locate Me’ button the user is asked to allow his current location to be plotted on the map. Once allowed, the user’s current location gets plotted with a blue pushpin while the orange one stays as is.

Right-clicking the current location provides two options, Set Address and Street View. Set Address helps in populating the address of the current location to the text box. Similarly, the Latitude and Longitude of this location are populated in the respective fields in the bar above. On clicking the Update button and confirming the address, the address, latitude, and longitude get updated successfully for the record.

Map My Current Location function is available for Detail Map as well. Using this functionality, the user can view the travel distance from the Current Location and the User’s Location and plan the travel accordingly.

  • Deactivate: On deactivating a record by selecting the option, all the fields from CRM and on the Individual Map for that record get deactivated.

  • Related Record Pushpin: User can use ‘Relations’ drop-down to select the available relationships for this Entity. Related records correspond to all 1:N relationship between the plotted Entity. The user can further see related record information by clicking or hovering on it. The required attributes like Email Address, Phone Number etc. can be selected within the entity map to be seen on hover or click. At a maximum, user can view 5 relationships at once. Default relationships can also be selected that will be plotted by default whenever this map is loaded. At a maximum, user can select five Default relationships. User can also select the color and pushpin icons for the related records. Check the Entity Map settings (refer to Installation Manual) to set Default relationship, colors & pushpins and adding more relationships to ‘Relations’ dropdown. In the image below, two relationships (Account-Contact and Account-Lead) are plotted for the account “Adventure Works”.

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