Proposed and Actual Route Tracking

With Route Tracking, an optimized route can be plotted for a field rep by the Manager. However, in certain situations, the actual route followed by the rep would be different from the plotted one. The rep could have taken an uncommon shortcut, he could have taken a different turn to avoid the highway traffic/accident sight, or may have rushed away in between to address a personal emergency. These actions would take him away from the plotted route and the same can be recorded.

The tracking of the actual route followed could help in analyzing the rep’s productivity, the new shortcut if more optimized could be incorporated into the route for the next time, or could give insights about frequent congestion, accident-prone regions, etc.

Enable Route Tracking: User needs to enable the Real-Time tracking option for the route followed by the field user to be tracked.

Maplytics > Settings > Map Configuration Details > Real-Time Tracking

Start Mobile Tracking: Within the Maplytics Mobile App, the user can start the tracking for estimated and actual route tracking.

View Tracked Route: The user can view the route plotted and followed with a few configuration setup.

Maplytics > Settings > Routes > Route Entity > Route Activity Waypoints

Clicking on the Blue ‘Navigate’ Arrow opens up the Detail Map with the route for that particular travel.

Clicking the ‘Show Full Route’ button opens the Detail Map again with all the routes followed for all the waypoints for the Entity.

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