Along the Route

This feature provides the user the ability to search the records that fall in the defined proximity along the route. The default value for Along the Route search can be configured in the Maplytics Configuration record. This will find all the records with the defined search parameter and that falls in the entered proximity along the route.

The user can add the value between 0 – 25. The user can also add a decimal values with a scale of 2 for the radius.

The Along the route records is also saved when the user saves the route. However, if the user has selected multiple Datasources on the Plot Card, only the first Entity and View combination in the Select Datasource will be saved for along the route search in the saved route.

If the user has plotted data on the map and opens a saved route that has along the route parameter saved as well:

  • The user can either click on ‘Confirm’ to clear the plotted records and search along the route records with the Datasource saved in the route.

  • Or, the user can click on ‘Cancel’ to search along the route records with the existing plotted data, ignoring the Datasource saved in the route.

If the user open the Directions card directly without plotting the data or opens a saved route without the along the route parameter saved, they have the option to select the Datasource for the Along the route search directly on the Directions Card.

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