Overlay by ArcGIS Online

Users can begin with establishing a seamless integration between Maplytics and ArcGIS Online with a few configuration steps. Once done, the user can select from among the various feature layers available online on the ArcGIS portal and plot the same on the map. Further users can select the following options as well.

Category Attribute: An attribute can be selected to categorize the regions plotted using the ArcGIS feature layer. The plotted regions are differentiated with multiple colors. This visual representation makes regional analysis easy.

Summary Attributes: One or more attributes can be selected to show the same in the Summary card. All attributes will be selected by default. Users can deselect them in the plot card and can select other attributes. Attributes selected in the summary attribute field will also be displayed when hovered over the region boundary.

Integrate ArcGIS Online with Maplytics

For a seamless integration and to be able to utilize the hosted feature layers of ArcGIS Online, the user can perform the following steps-

Single-factor authentication

Go to Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Default configuration record> ArcGIS

In case the multi-factor authentication option has not been enabled, the user can enter the URL from the ESRI Website, user name, and password.

Once saved, the user can avail of the option of ArcGIS in the Overlay dropdown.

Multi- factor authentication

The user needs to have a Developer’s Account on the ArcGIS Website by Esri. Once an account is created, the user will have his user name and password. Having access to this account, the user can select the feature layer that is suitable for his overlay needs.

Go to Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Default configuration record> ArcGIS

The user needs to provide a Client ID and a Secret Code that is available for the developer account. On saving the entered configuration record, a redirection URL gets generated.

This URL needs to be put up on the ArcGIS Developer’s Account.

A new button, ‘Authenticate Esri’ will then appear on the Maplytics Default Configuration page. On clicking this button, the user will get a window to enter username, password, and code. Once done, a connection will be established between Maplytics and the user’s ArcGIS Account allowing access to Feature Layer hosted by Esri

A code will then be sent on authenticator app which the user has selected while enabling multi factor authentication.

The User then needs to enter that code and avail access to an option of ArcGIS in the Overlay dropdown.

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