Multi-Address Plotting

If the entities in CRM contains more than one addresses, users can plot the records based on multiple addresses at once. This feature will enhance the visualization experience of those records that have presence in multiple cities or states etc. Admins can configure required addresses within the Entity map of the entity so as to view the option of selecting the addresses to plot the same on the map. Please refer to the Entity map section of the Installation manual to know how to configure multiple addresses in Maplytics to plot records based on multiple addresses.

The below screenshot shows the Accounts plotted based on the two addresses, Billing address and Shipping address. Here 4 records have been plotted and due to the two addresses of each of the records the map is showing 8 pushpins in total.

The Layer menu will list both of the addresses, the Billing address and the Shipping address for Accounts.

While working with any enclosed shape like proximity, drawn shape or a territory, user can click on the enclosed shape to view the Summary card. The below screenshot shows Proximity search performed on the above Accounts that were plotted based on two addresses Billing address and Shipping address.

With the click on the outer circle it is showing the Summary card for the same. Within the summary card, the Total Records will show the count based on the total number of pushpins plotted on the map i.e. 7 pushpins in total.

The second section of the Summary card shows the classification of the count of records based on the two types of the addresses i.e. 4 pushpins are plotted based on the Billing address and 3 pushpins are plotted based on the Shipping address.

In the third section, it shows the summary of the Annual revenue and the no. of Employees based on the actual(unique) count of the records plotted i.e. 4 Accounts.

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