Support for Dataverse(CDS)
Go to Maplytic Download Page and enter the required details, choose the PowerApps version that you are using, and then click 'Download' to start your download.
Your download will begin. Save your compressed Maplytics file.
Extract the folder, and you will find Managed Solution file as shown below:
The file name can vary depending on the Dataverse(CDS) version:
  • CDS Online Version 9.x – Maplytics4CDS_9_0_5_1_managed
To import the solution from follow the steps as shown below:
1. Sign in to Power Apps. After signing in, select the instance on which you want to install the solution.
2. From the left navigation, click on Solutions as shown below.
3. Click on Import on the command bar.
4. On the Import a solution page, select Browse
Locate the previously downloaded compressed (.zip) file that contains the solution and select it.
5. Select Next.
6. Select Import.
Your solution imports in the background and may take a few moments.
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