Route Redirect and Copy Navigation Links

With the help of this feature, you can open navigation links for turn-by-turn navigation or easily copy navigation links to save them as notes or send them as mails.

This feature is available for both Google Maps as well as Waze Maps.

  1. Redirect with Google Maps

2. Redirect with Waze Maps

3. Redirect with Apple Maps

Trip Summary Card

Within the Directions section, is an option Trip Summary that summarizes the Trip details, like, Travel time and Distance between every two waypoints of a route. An icon for the same is also available on the map.

Navigate- The route gets redirected to Google Maps/ Waze App/ Apple Maps

Add Stop- Records can be added as a waypoint to the route plotted on the Map.

Reload- The route can be rerouted after adding the pitstops

Nearby- Find Records along the route

Save- The plotted route can be saved for use

Using the Up and Down Arrows, the Trip Summary for the next waypoints can be seen.

The trip can be started using the ‘Start’ Trip option. The same button can be clicked as ‘Stop’ on the completion of the trip. The trip stopped between two waypoints, and cannot be resumed again. The user will have to Start with the one scheduled between the next waypoints.

Note: Start Trip & Stop Trip Options can be seen only if the user enables Live Tracking in Configuration & Plotted Route is Saved Route

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