MapPoint Alternative

Maplytics: Microsoft MapPoint Alternative using Bing Maps!

Microsoft MapPoint was released in 1999 and grew its feature set over the next 14 years. It released its final version (v19) in 2013 and was officially discontinued by Microsoft on December 31st, 2014. Since then, Maplytics the 5-star rated geo-mapping solution of the Microsoft AppSource has been the top preferred upgrade to MapPoint!

Benefits of using Maplytics as a replacement for Microsoft MapPoint and Microsoft Streets and Trips

· Seamless Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM /Dataverse with Bing Maps

· Effective Data Categorization and Visualization over Maps with Custom Pushpins

· Easy overlay of records with Excel/ Shapefiles, Esri ArcGIS Feature Layers, etc.

· Faster creation of balanced Sales Territories using Regions, Postal Codes, Shapefiles, etc.

· Auto Scheduling of daily client Appointments for Advance Calendar Planning

· Saving fuel and time by optimizing travel Routes with turn-by-turn navigation

· Finding potential leads near the proximity

· Tracing of travel routes in real-time, and a lot more!

Maplytics has been among the top in Microsoft’s list of best MapPoint Alternatives. Whether it is its ability to enhance Field Services, provide dashboard customizations, be compatible across devices, or be operable in 10+ global languages, Maplytics has been the ultimate solution!

Maplytics justifies its status as the Leading and most preferred Microsoft MapPoint Alternative!

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