By Template

If you want to search records based on Maplytics template then for this we have created the custom action with name “Inogic.Maplytics.API.Template” (ikl_InogicMaplyticsAPITemplate).

Custom action accepts the following parameters.

Template: Specify the Template name. E.g., “Accounts with 10 miles”. When user passes the required parameters and executes this action then the action will return the collection of records.

To execute Template action using the C#, use following code.

string requestName = "ikl_InogicMaplyticsAPITemplate";

//create request object
OrganizationRequest orgReq = new OrganizationRequest(requestName);

orgReq["Template"] = "Accounts with 10 miles";

 //execute the request
OrganizationResponse response = service.Execute(orgReq);

EntityCollection recordsCollection = (EntityCollection)response.Results["RecordsCollection"];

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