This helps user to view the Dynamics CRM records along with shapes files and existing territories, and ArcGIS Online feature layers plotted on the map. User can also view the ‘layer menu’ to select or deselect the layers so as to show or hide the same respectively. Using Overlay user will easily be able to understand and analyze the data spread in required shape file regions and territories.

User can select the following two options:

  • Territory – This option helps the user to select among the list of existing territories.

  • File This option helps the user to select among the list of shape/excel files. The file should be in a territory in order to be visible in the list.

  • ArcGIS - This option helps the user to select from among the live feature layers hosted by ArcGIS Online. The file need not be in territory and can be used even with real-time changes.

Let us consider a Sales and Marketing Manager of a Food and Beverage brand planning on Sales Area expansion. He would want to know the demographic of the Target Group in the new area. Knowing the information about the population, their age groups, spending capacities, buying patterns, sex ratio, etc. would be helpful in categorizing them and designing marketing campaigns for them. The sales processes could then be planned to cater to young adults, the working population, senior citizens, and so on. Strengthening the location data with demographics would help in better decision-making. With the overlay feature, the Manager would be able to-

· View the existing territories within the new area by plotting them over the map and know the headcount in all the territories along with other details

· Import external shape/ excel files, save them in CRM and plot the same over the map to view the territorial data in-depth, or

· Seamlessly integrate the ArcGIS Online feature layers with the Map and view the collated data of the new area

Viewing this organized data spread in the new sales area he might decide on targeting 3 main territories with the right population age group and create marketing and selling plans for the young adults there.

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