Configure Get Time Zone Workflow

Maplytics is used by global teams with support for multiple languages, here is a quick tip to set time zone for your CRM records. Email us at for a live demo of how to work effectively across time zones.

  1. Go to Settings > Processes > Click on ‘New’ to design a new Workflow Process.

  2. Write Process name, choose ‘Workflow’ under category section and select desired entity:

3. Select ‘Organization’ under ‘Scope’ dropdown. Select ‘Record is created’ and ‘Record fields change’ options.

4. For the ‘Record fields Change’ option, select all of the address fields to ensure the address is retrieved when any of the address fields is changed.

5. Select Inogic.Maplytics.GetTimezone workflow assembly from the Add step menu.

6. Click on ‘Set Properties’ and set the address parameter as shown in below screenshot for the workflow assembly.

Here, user needs to specify the address fields on the basis of which user wants to get the time zone. After this user needs to set the time zone in field (string type). Please follow below steps for the same:

1. Choose ‘Update Record’ from ‘Add Step’ menu after selecting ‘Set Properties’ record and select same entity for which workflow is being created.

2. Click on ‘Set Properties’ of the new record and in the update window set the TimezoneName, TimezoneAbbreviation to the output parameters returned by the workflow assembly.

Once user finishes all the above steps and activates the workflow, user can run it on any record of the respective entity which has address data. This will provide set the time zone set for the record as shown below.

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