Existing Meetings
If user has selected ‘Consider Existing Meetings’ in the Auto Scheduling card, the Appointments, Bookable resource bookings etc. saved in CRM owned by the selected users will be listed here. User can also change the Meeting type of Onsite meetings to Offsite. They can further deselect the listed meetings or Activities they do not want to consider and also filter the meetings based on specified values.
User can choose one among the options under ‘Select Meeting’, i.e. All Meetings, Appointments, Service activities or Bookable resource bookings to view the same in the list below that. Admins can also select the Activities within the Default Configuration Detail records that are needed to be considered here while Considering Existing Meetings.
User can click on ‘Proceed’ to get the optimized routes and appointments scheduled for the respective users based on the preferences provided by the user for the selected working days. Routes for each user will be shown on the map with different colors. User can select the required users in the card to view the route for the respective user.
It will show the route for the selected user and the respective details of the meetings will also be available into the data grid below.
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