View Category donuts in dashboard

Users can view the categorized data in the form of donuts on the respective dashboards.

In the screenshot below, in the first dashboard, the appointments for the team are plotted which have been categorized based on the status of the appointments. The donuts are shown based on the percentage of the records falling into the each of the categories. For example, 10% of the total appointments were canceled, 56.67 % of the total appointments were completed and 33.33 % of the total appointments were scheduled. If the user hovers over the donut, they can see the exact count of records falling into each of the categories.

Similarly, the second dashboard shows the heat map for the Accounts based on the annual revenue. The donuts show that 33.09% of the total Accounts have Annual revenue ranging from 0 to 5000 and 17.21 % of the total Accounts have Annual revenue ranging from 5000 to 10000.

Hide Donut Panel

The Donut Panel can be hidden as per the User’s requirement by clicking on the arrow at the extreme right of the Panel. The same can be clicked again to expand the hidden panel and put it on display.

Filter records on Map using Donuts

The record pushpins displayed over the Map can be filtered out using the donuts. In the Dashboard below, when clicking on the Donut displaying the percentage of ‘Completed’ appointments, the pushpins on the map are filtered out to show only those Appointment records that belong to the ‘Completed’ Category. The rest belonging to Scheduled and Canceled are hidden. Similarly, when clicked on the ‘Status’ donut, the filter will be reset and record pushpins belonging to all categories of Appointments i.e. all appointments are displayed

Hovering and Tooltip Card

When hovering over the record pushpins, the information about the respective record is displayed. The information shown here can be configured within the Advanced Settings within the respective dashboard record in the Maplytics Settings.

If the pushpin is clicked upon, a tooltip card is opened with the details of the respective record. The information shown on the Tooltip Card can be configured within the ‘Tooltip Mapping’ section of the respective dashboard in the Maplytics settings.

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